Moeraki is a tranquil little fishing village which was once used as a whaling station by early Europeans. There are a variety of things to do and see in Moeraki today that attracts visitors.

Fresh seafood is a major drawcard and there are various ways in which you can get your hands on some. One of these is a must do – dining at Fleur’s Place! This charming, rustic seaside restaurant has a stella reputation for its food, service and atmosphere. The menu is altered daily depending on what the catch of the day is and only the freshest local produce is served.
Prepare to indulge at Fleur’s Place – bookings are required.


Another tasty option is the local Moeraki Tavern, or if you prefer to eat what you catch, jump on a fishing charter and reel in a few blue-cod which are plentiful in this area. You may well see other wildlife out on the water too so keep on the lookout for Moeraki’s frequent visitors like Hector Dolphins, Seals or even the occasional Orca!

If you’re in need of some activity to help counter this overindulgence, take the troops to the playground, have a stroll along the beach, venture to see the penguins at the lighthouse or saunter along the Millennium Walkway.

Don’t miss the pièce de rèsistance, the Moeraki Boulders located just 5 minutes drive from Moeraki Village. These massive, spherical boulders are constantly being eroded from the cliffs and uncovered by the sea. They were formed around 60million years ago and can be seen peppered along Koekohe Beach. Make sure you attempt a famous creative pose atop of these ancient stones.





The Moeraki Boulders are a group of large spherical stones scattered along Koekohe Beach near the fishing village of Moeraki, about 30mins south of Oamaru.

These boulders are concretions that have, over many years of coastal erosion, been exposed from the coastal cliffs. You’ll see that even today boulders are still being eroded from the mudstone cliffs and will eventually end up on the beach.

The best time to visit is low tide.

Parking is available at the public carpark as marked on map (5/10mins beach walk) or at the cafe beach access which is available to cafe patrons.

Turn off SH1 onto Moeraki Boulders Rd between Hampden and Moeraki.





This track is often started from Moeraki Village lookout. Past Puke Mataa old pa site, it then carries down on into the village, past rustic wharves and bobbing fishing boats, around One Kahara to Millers Bay and toward the trail end.

It’s an extra 1.7km walk along Koekohe Beach to the Moeraki Boulders if you are looking to extend your walk. Just make sure the tide is out so you have plenty of time to get there and back!

This track contains some steps and stiles and there is an information kiosk at each end of the walkway.

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